Allowing Abundance

Allowing in relation to the Law of Attraction is a difficult thing to describe because it’s a STATE OF BEING, rather than a state of doing. It’s a process of letting go any effort to control what happens around you and instead letting the universe work on your behalf.

Staying in a state of allowance can be challenging for some people because they are SO USED to taking action in order to get what they want.  Allowing your heart’s desire may seem contrary to this approach, but it’s just a matter of taking different actions and choosing the right mind-set.

Below you will find some simple steps to help you move easily into a stae of allowing

Sit In Silence

Meditation is the easiest and quickest way to get into a state of allowance because it places you immediately into the process of observing and being, rater than doing.

As you focus on letting go of fear and frustration, you invite a flood of inner peace and acceptance  to replace them. This mind-set dissolves blockages and removes resistance, which leaves only … allowance !

Do What You Love as Often As Possible

Allowing is not just about something you want, but rather learning to open to the natural flow of joy, passion and abundance that is available to you at ALL TIMES. When you do what you LOVE, you automatically a flood of positive energy into you life.  Yes, this can definately help you attract something you want, but it also sets you up to receive a LOT MORE than you asked for. Rather than just receiving one thing you wanted, you find yourself in a constant state of surprise and joy as more and more  powerful things come YOUR WAY.

Think Positively

This should be a no-brainer, because most of us are fully aware of the benifits of positive thinking. However, don’t limit your positive thinking in relation to your immediate goal only ! Learn to develope a true positive thinking habit, and spread it evenly through your entire life. Think positvely , speak positvely, act positively as often as possible. You’ll feel happier, increase the frequecy of your vibration and stay in a constant stae of allowance.

Have unvavering Faith

Many of us tend to flip flop between immense faith and overwhelming doudt. Our faith is strong when everything is going fine but as soon as we run into problems, doubts knock off-centre. The true test of faith is being able to hold it while in the midst of  difficulty ! It may not be easy, but remember having faith IS A CHOICE. You can choose to believe and know  that everything will be fine, or you can choose to beleive it won’t. When challenges come knocking on your door,  choose your mind-set wisely.

Detach Completely

Most of us tend to revert back to childish antics when we want something. We figure if we can just nag the universe to death, it will give in and give us what we want. So we keep meditating and praying and visualizing. We spend HOURS mentally begging for what we want and obsess about it constantly.  This is NOT allowing – it is clinging and grasping ! The universe heard your request the first time, so there is no need to keep asking. Instead, remember that time may be needed before it will show up, or its also possible you won’t get what you asked for – but you might get something MUCH BETTER ! Be open to WHATEVER comes your way, knowing with all of your heart  that it will be absolutely perfect in every way.


With my money, I can assist so many people


Activities That Attract MORE Abundance And Money

I’d now like to share a few tips on physical activities that can begin attracting MORE abundance into YOUR  life


The more time you spend on activities you TRULY love, the more attuned with abundance you become ! When you FEEL GOOD, you immediately come into alignment with abundance and start attracting it into your life. use this to your full advantage by doing the things you really LOVE to do as often as possible.

Do you love to Dance? Paint? Garden? Organize? Stitch? Inspire others? YOUR LIFE

Whatever makes your heart sing, make time to do it EVERYDAY. Even 15 minutes a day can do wonders for your mood and can make you VERY ATTRACTIVE to Abundance and Money.


 Take small actions every day to create more openings for abundance. Possible action steps may include: applying for a better job, buying a lottery ticket, networking with successful people, sharing your talents and skills with the World, submitting a proposal to a publisher – anything that will create opportunities for growth and expansion.


it’s crucial to stay detached, calm and optimistic about the flow of abundance into your life. Don’t worry about the “how” it will come: don’t worry about “when” it will come. Don’t obsess or worry or stress about it. Being emotionally “attached” to something is a sure way to block it because you will EMIT A STRONG signal of  “need,” which translates energetically as scarcity !

Keep saying things like, “Abundance comes to me with perfect timing; I trust the universe to provide for me; I let go and have faith that all is well.” The more effectively you let go, The faster abundance can come to you.

Remember: what you think, how you FEEL, and the actions you take each day MATTER ! You are constantly communicating your intentions to the universe, and the universe is respond back to you in the same FREQUENCY. The key to success with these principles is daily, consistent, persistent effort. 

This can be challenging when you have strong habits that work against you.



My good comes from everywhere and everyone

Action and the Law of Attraction

When you first learn about the Law of Attraction, you know the importance of getting your thoughts,emotions and beliefs into alignment with what you want to attract.But once you’ve done all that and expressed your desire to the universe, what then?.Do you need to take action to get the ball rolling, or can you simply trust and wait for the universe to deliver your desire?.

You’ll probably find that opinions differ greatly on this topic, depending who you talk to.Many people think that nothing will happen if you don’t take action because action is what helps brings forth your desire into physical reality. If you just sit still the universe/God has no way to deliver the things you want.

Personally, i disagree with that because i’ve had incredible things happen WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER. So i do believe its possible to see results without it.

However, there are still undeniable benefits to taking action.

First, taking action moves you into a more proactive role, which is empowering. No longer do you feel you’re at the mercy of the unviverse – you can have some control over the thing that happen in your life.

Secondly, there is no denying that you can create plenty of opportunities by taking action,  so you would be working in partnership with the universe by doing so. It’s not that the universe could not find a way to deliver your desire otherwise, but you increase the possiblities by opening “gateways” for opportunities and abundance to enter your life.

Finally, it’s very possible that by taking action you’ll see results very quickly than if you sat and waited patiently.

Again, that is because you’re increasing the possibilities available to you, and the universe will usually choose the path of LEAST RESISTANCE to delivery what you desire.

If all fails and you’re really torn about whether to take action or not, ASK the universe for an INSPIRED ACTION that you can take. Say something like this, “I’d like to bring ________ into my life: please lead me to the opportunities that would help make it happen.”

Then watch and wait. If you see an obvious action you can take, go for it. If not, just wait for a nudge in a specific direction.

However, be sure ANY actions you take are enjoyable and fun. If ANY action would be incredibly difficult  or painful, its probably not the right way for you. That doesn’t mean effort won’t be required. But there’s a definate difference between effort and struggle !. 


I effortlessly attract abundance wherever i go !


Below is a list of some powerful wealth CREATION Affirmations,to draw MORE abundance into YOUR life NOW.

Remember this ,that the QUICKEST way to get your affirmations to work QUICKLY is to FEEL the FEELINGS of  having ALREADY achieved the outcome you are trying to attract. As you repeat the words get into that state of Deep inner peace,  joy , gratitude and love as you FEEL what it feels like to HAVE great ABUNDANCE in your life.

. Money ALWAYS flows to me EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY.

. I am open to the flow of ABUNDANCE in ALL areas of my life.

. I ALWAYS have more than enough abundance.

. I Thank the universe  for my great abundance.

. God/ Universe keeps me safe ,happy, healthy ,wealthy ,healed and Whole.

. Everything and everybody prospers me NOW and i prosper everything and everybody now.

. God /Universe MULTIPLIES this (the money in your hand) and i give thanks i am receiving more and more money everyday.

. Abundance is my divine birthright.

. Abundance flows to my easily when i relax.

.The universe wants me to have GREAT abundance.

. I love money and money loves me.


. I am relaxing into greater abundance.

. The universe / nature is full of UNLIMITED ABANDANCE and Riches.


I choose TO FEEL as if i already have what i want.

All is Well and Will ALWAYS Remain Well…

All is Well. It really is – if you believe it is.

Maybe everything in your life is NOT  completely the way you would like it to be ,but it’s still okay if you avoid getting emotionally  tossed around it.

If you are tempted to worry or fret about something , keep saying to yourself over and over “All is well and will remain well. All is well and will remain well”.

Before long you’ll notice that you’re feeling a bit better about it. And that better FEELING is a sign  you are starting to attract something better than you were when you didn’t feel so great .

(YOUR FEELINGS are a powerful clue! Pay attention to them ! )


All is well and will remain well !


Hello and thanks I’ll be sending a lot of helpful tips, insights, articles and resources to help you use the Law of Attraction or more accurately THE LAW OF CREATION more effectively in your everyday life. 
My objective for this blog is to help you see that working with the Law of Attraction can be very simple, lucrative and FUN! It may not seem that way to you right now, but do stay with me for awhile and I will have you laughing with delight before you know it.